Airosphere Humidifier

The Airosphere Humidifier is the latest must-have home and living item thanks to its ability to purify and produce better air quality. Made from ABS, the device lights up when in use to change between a ray of colours and its compact size makes it easy to use in your home, car or office by simply connecting it to any USB-powered supply. Includes USB cable and functions include:
– Replenishes moisture in the air
– Filter out radiation produced by monitors
– Helps prevent dry skin
– Helps prevent dry throats
– Reduces static electricity
– Relieves colds and fatigue

Price Includes: 1 Colour, 1 Position Pad Print 

Airosphere Humidifier50N 750,000.00
100N 1,500,000.00
200N 3,000,000.00
300N 4,500,000.00
400N 6,000,000.00
500N 7,500,000.00
1000N 15,000,000.00
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