Bryant Smart Watch

The Bryant Smart Watch is the latest trend on the market, not only does it tell the time but it does almost everything you could imagine. The functions include:

– Alarm
– Clock
– A Hydration alert: Reminds you to drink enough fluids.
– Anti-lost: Smartwatch will alert you when you are separated from your smartphone by more than 10m.
– Pedometer: Counts your steps and has a built-in timer.
– A Sleep monitor: Will monitor your sleeping patterns (how long you slept and how well).
– Selfie function: Shake the watch to activate, after 3 seconds the camera on the phone will take the picture.
– Bluetooth: 4.0, With a 10m visible distance.
– Call reminder
– Charging time of 2 hours, just remove the face of the watch and clip it into the charger.

Price Includes: 1 Colour, 1 Position Screen Print

Bryant Smart Watch50N 1,000,000.00
100N 2,000,000.00
200N 4,000,000.00
300N 6,000,000.00
400N 8,000,000.00
500N 10,000,000.00
1000N 20,000,000.00
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