As Nigeria’s leading supplier of Lanyards, our product range is ideal for businesses and organisations of all sizes. We design, print and supply thousands of lanyards each month, ranging from plain lanyards, pre-printed lanyards and personalised lanyards. All of our Lanyards can be easily attached to ID card holders, allowing the user to display a photo ID card easily. Whether you need to identify staff, visitors & contractors on-site, promoting a conference, events or festival, we can help. If you are unsure of the print process, types, sizes and colours available, then scroll down below to read our in-depth lanyard guide for more help

A lanyard or neck strap is a cord or strap which is made from a durable polyester or rPET material and is traditionally worn around the neck to carry photo identification or an access control card. The standard size of a lanyard is 90cm with a drop size of 45cm.

Safety Breakaway

All of our stock items come complete with an easily detachable safety breakaway which is located at the back of the lanyard in position with the back of the user’s neck.

Strap Material

On our quest to becoming a truly sustainable business, our range of Lanyards is now made up of both rPET (recycled plastic bottles) and standard Polyester material.


Choose from 5 different clip types. A popular choice is the metal trigger clip as ID card holders, key rings, and USB sticks can be easily attached. 

Blank or Printed Cards

The primary use of these products is to display photo ID & access control cards but can also accommodate for larger card sizes such as festival and conference passes. If you need to order cards, why not use our ID card printing service.





Customised Lanyards, Nigeria

Customised Lanyards, Nigeria

Our flat polyester lanyards are flexible and comfortable for the wearer. All of our lanyards are fitted with safety breaks to ensure the safety of the wearer, should the lanyard become trapped or tangled.

Candystripe Lanyard

Candystripe Lanyard

The Candystripe Lanyard is made from polyester, comes in various colours with a lobster hook and a recessed plaque for a domed sticker.