Polo Left Breast Pocket & Back - Embroidery

Create your own embroidery t-shirt designs

T-shirts are high value marketing space. What makes them so popular is their visibility and ability of people to relate to them. Design special embroidery t-shirts for corporate events, promotions and staff uniform.

Product Information: Our polo t-shirts are embroided, finished and sealed with the greatest perfection. 

Material / paper type: Fabric

Finishing: Embroidery

Pricing: starting at N42,000 for 12 copies

Back 8 * 12 inch6N 45,000.00
9N 50,000.00
10N 55,000.00
12N 60,000.00
20N 100,000.00
24N 120,000.00
36N 180,000.00
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