Misty Meadows Humidifier

Enjoy the benefits of moisture-rich air in your space thanks to the Misty Meadows Humidifier. Made from ABS, the portable home and living humidifier works via USB port, has a humidifying rate of 30ml/hour, an automatic shut-off time after 3 hours and includes 3 extra filters with a lifetime of 6 months each. Add a drop or two of essential oils into the water and bring your favourite scents to life. A great gift suitable for anyone looking to add to their work or living space! Available in white.

Benefits Include:
– Alleviates allergies, cold and flu symptoms.
– Soothes itchy eyes
– Reduces nose bleeds.
– Alleviates dry skin and cracked lips.
– Improves sleep and reduces snoring.
– Reduces static electricity.

Price Includes: 1 Colour, 1 Position Pad Print 

Misty Meadows Humidifier50N 875,000.00
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400N 7,000,000.00
500N 8,750,000.00
1000N 17,500,000.00
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